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17 Jun 14,, 07:25
Had a slight blow up with a boss today. It wasn't about smart phones but the way we see the validity of information in relation to the consumer technology out there. That for a consumer's question about how to do something on this system, he could net search it and come up with a half a dozen answers in a second, now how hard was that? I let it go because after two passes, I saw I was on the non winning side but for his half dozen answers, how does he know if any of them are correct?

Long story short, you don't by looking at the face of them. You read them, check for confirming sources, if it doesn't come up with validity, then you redo your searches trying to isolate out that source so it doesn't come up again.

In a world where people post new stories as if it happened today but in reality the story is years old, what I put out there has to be valid.

But it seems like I am being pushed to accept that if a search engine returns it, it just has to be correct.

Hence the thing of smart phones a few weeks ago with another boss. "Don't you want all this capability all in one device, in your hand?" Don't you want a computer, a phone, a camera, a GPS, etc?

Not really........especially when he tells me that the GPS is useful in traffic jams. Rather frightens me that he's looking at his smart phone and not driving.

We had a few months ago a rash of armed robberies around this place. I'm not police so I don't have access to crime reports so I don't know exactly what happened. But one night, driving to work, I saw things that caused me to realize how it probably went down. People walking along, their heads down, their face illuminated in the glow of their smart phone, not paying attention to the world.

The video, "I forgot my phone" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEtedp4Rxhk) I'm afraid is not that far from reality when I think of my last two lake dives where people not scubaing had their faces down in their phones.

Sooner or later, I am afraid that I will have to go to a smart phone. If not for the one or two applications in the field I could use, then because there will be no other choice when I need to replace my Razor. And I fear that when that day comes along, I will eventually be turned into a Zombie, too.

There was a Superman story I remember from my childhood where a Krypton scientist saw that years before, the planet could be destroyed, but had a plan to save it. He tried to tell his city but they only want to listen to the musical flowers. When he tries to stop them, get their attention by cutting down the flowers, they lock him in a greenhouse where the singing flowers eventually overwhelm him and in the end, all he wants to do is listen to the music, not care about the planet......and we all know where that one ended.

And by the marvel of our modern information world, here is the story:


(from April 1971; isn't amazing how we can remember so far back)

Somehow, I rather see something similar happening to me when I finally have to get a smart phone.

11 Jul 14,, 07:42
I think this weekend, I will tickle the Dragon's Tail, go into the T-Mobile store, and ask about getting a smart phone.

11 Jul 14,, 07:49
Two possible outcomes.

1. We wont hear from you in months.


2. You will post 3x more then now.

11 Jul 14,, 10:27
Two possible outcomes.

1. We wont hear from you in months.


2. You will post 3x more then now.

I don't get #1; #2 I suppose is because I'll have this computer around me all the time and will be wanting to say everything all the time.

Relax! That's not going to happen either........................because quite frankly this list isn't that interesting to check in all the time.

I'm not getting the smartphone to replace my Razor. That will still be the phone I carry around all the time.

Just getting the smart phone to keep track of available building supplies on Craigs List, to be able to go get them on a roll.

11 Jul 14,, 14:12
There is no zombie thing, just like everything else it comes down to impulse control.

Just buy a Nexus 5.
Those things are cheap for the power they provide and a great deal.
If you dont want the chocolate factory listening in, cyanogen mod is easy to install.

11 Jul 14,, 16:09
.........If you dont want the chocolate factory listening in, cyanogen mod is easy to install.

Can you translate?

11 Jul 14,, 16:27
Can you translate?

A smartphone is a permanent surveillance device complete with sensitive microphone and video.
Most probably you would be getting an android device since apple extracts a much bigger pound of flesh.

As far as Google is concerned, you are the product. They record everything and sell the data to advertisers.
Not to mention the obvious NSA data drinking.
This can be mitigated by using a free, relatively easy to install version of android such as Cyanogen Mod.

12 Jul 14,, 14:14
Maybe not this weekend after all. More research needed and for the tasks that I want the "smartphone" for, they aren't that vital to do only that way, that I have to have it now.