View Full Version : SMILE! You're on Candance's Camera!

05 Jun 14,, 10:11
Had a long discussion with a friend yesterday about a crash where while the people were burning in their car, onlookers were using their smart phones to film it.

Appalling, but my point was to give some of them the benefit of the doubt; maybe they were collecting data for the accident investigation team. Ie, over the years, that's how I've been trained, that if you can in a disaster, have someone recording what's going on. Have a log keeper.

But there is the basic point that in our modern life, people are quick to whip out their smart phones and start recording videos, to perhaps just about anything. Such as this video indicates:


Some things are understandable. I was at a dance workshop this weekend and at the end, the instructor did the complete routine for us. Almost everyone recorded it on their smartphone or tablet. I think I was the exception; I just have a Razor.

Other things, though, are not so understandable. Why, what caused this apparent thirst to record anything and everything?

There is perhaps the good point of this craze; one may think twice about "misbehaving". I don't think I would go "Coyote Ugly" in a bar seeing how there is practically a 100% certainty that somebody would record it and it would eventually end up on the Net and come back to haunt me.

Me, I've been trained and conditioned over the years to gather information. I take pictures, write down notes, make sketches as a matter of habit. I am very visually oriented but as said, it is probably because I've been conditioned thought out my life, by family, by work, to be that way.

But somehow, to me, it doesn't seem quite the same as the rabid compulsion today that everyone has for taking pictures and videos.

Is it just that we all have this compulsion in us, we have always had it, but the difficulty and expense of older technology (buying film, quality of a SLR to a point/shoot, getting the film developed, photo albums) meant that only a dedicated few would do it..........................

................................and now, it is so simple, so "cheap", that everyone can engage that part of their personalty?

Or has the smartphone fundamentally changed us somehow?