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25 Mar 14,, 10:10
I went to my passion and my curse today, 1/2 Price books. Bought two blank diaries, some house plans books, and a whole bunch of sci fi paper backs on a $1 per sale.

I'm now proceeding to read one of them in a high scan mode, where I see every word, my mind isn't distracted, but if you ask me a minute later what I just read, I can't tell you. Ask me in ten minutes, an hour, and I can. Apparently, it takes time for the mind to process what it saw into usable memory.

I imagine I can get 4 chapters through half way through the paper back doing that before I have to stop for the day. As a prof one time said about the disadvantage of cramming, there are limits, the mind only has so much ATP in it.

I have an even higher speed scan where I see the words a page at a time......and the lag from seeing to memory is a month or more.

But I'm wondering if on a Kindle, a person could read as fast or could there be something there that interferes with the scan, such as maybe the refresh rate of the screen.

I don't know but as that it seems our electronic devices are making people dumber, I have to wonder if this device, too, has some devious design behind it.

25 Mar 14,, 10:31
Well, noted one difference at least. In concept anyhow since I have used a Kindle.

The moment of rest one gets when they have to turn the page. I have to "disconnect" from the words before to the words after because for a moment, they are out of view.

Not necessarily so with a continuous screen. It is possible that there is no momentary rest........which might lead to quicker fatigue and less comprehension.

And how did I come across this? Remembering the difference between taking pictures at a day long festival with 35mm and digital. With 35mm, I had to take breaks every so often to change a role. Further, I had to judge my shots so not to use up film too fast, not to spend all of one roll on one subject.

But with digital, I'm going full blast all day and it is more tiring.

As it is, the high scan mode is tiring in itself.