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16 Mar 14,, 19:29
Yep it is that time of year again. NCAA college basketball. My heart is with Oregon but my money is going down on other teams. UCLA is playing very well as is Louisville. Florida has been dominate and Duke has the best coach in the sport. It is going to be a wide open race and I am looking forward to some monumental games. Let the fun beginů...

23 Mar 14,, 03:35
Well that was a hell of a game. Wisconsin wanted it just a bit more and came away with a win. Oregon falls just short again.

Good luck with the rest of the tournament badgers.

29 Mar 14,, 21:32
Let all of good cheer take heart knowing today my Wisconsin Badgers shall go forth and smite mightily the demon wildcat of Arizona-



On Wisconsin!

30 Mar 14,, 09:23
Today marked a special day in Wisconsin Athletics. UW made its first final four since 2000 and its first under Coach Bo Ryan despite NCAA tourney appearances in all fourteen years of his tenure. Despite never finishing less than fourth in the Big Ten, possessing the conference's highest winning pct, four Division III titles at UW-Platteville, multiple conference tourney and regular season titles in the Big Ten, Ryan has been castigated as a coach who uses a stodgy, stingy defensive and slow, deliberate offense to conjure magic from otherwise moribund, run-of-the-mill talent.

I suspect this buzz is irrelevant to his world. Still, it was remarkably gratifying to see him finally shake the naysayers with Wisconsin's win over Arizona. More remarkable for Bo, this win came on his late father's, Butch Ryan, birthday. Butch was an iconic presence at the final four. Having attended for decades as the guest of Bo, he was a fixture to the NCAA tourney all-hotel lobby team. W.W.II old-school vet raised on the wrong side of Philly's tracks in Chester, Pa., Butch had devoted a massive portion of his blue-collar life to coaching under-privileged kids and wallowing in the glory days of big five basketball at Philly's Palestra. He'd also consoled Bo through countless final four's swearing they'd get it next year.

Well...next year didn't come for Butch but it did on his birthday for his son, Bo. Ryan and Wisconsin are going to the final four.

Pretty special day for Wisconsin fans who've admired this athletic educator and the fine job he's always done with his charges. They're devoted to him and they've good reason. He's a remarkable man.

30 Mar 14,, 22:57
I was not able to see the game but i got to watch some of UofA students and fans riot. A real class act they were. Wisconsin has a damned good chance of walking away the big winner this year.