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16 Mar 14,, 17:04
In the past 15 years or so, I've become quite a diary writer. I remember when I decided to, Mom & I were shopping at Garden Ridge, and there was one with this on the cover:


Now, back in the beginning, I usually only wrote when something 'notable happened. So the first one probably lasted a good two years. Now, I tend to write everyday.....usually. There's one only two years back that has month gap in it and I am always playing catch up here and there.

But of my personal (have acting ones, too) diaries, I think I'm approaching 30 volumes.

BUT........what have the years before? What would it be like if I have been writing one all of my adult life....or even further?

SIGH.....I might want to think of what history, records there might be there, but it is probably not only just as well that I didn't, but in some cases, I probably couldn't.

How interesting it might be if I had, to read my notes while I was on sea duty............and how likely, one way or the other, that they would probably had been classified because of what we were doing, such as trying to gather signatures.

I tried doing that for a while, keeping professional academic notes on this or that. But classified, they had to be kept at the work place, change of station meant they had to be sent from RADIO to RADIO, and it eventually became such a hassle, that I just told them to destroy the pages. Imagine if those had been somewhat personal pages.

And would they have been classified? Probably, if only because as a loner and outsider, I was naturally a target for such "attention". If the volumes weren't stolen, then some teaser or bully would find someway to classify them so I couldn't have them. And, if not that, then some censor would be reviewing my personal pages.

Speculation, mind you, it is. Speculation and irony.....because it was because of my work in the Navy that I learned to become such an intense note taker to begin with.

Oh, well! That is life........recorded or otherwise.

Besides, with age comes, usually anyhow, comes wisdom and maturity. For what we wrote when we were younger, do we really want to review entries like this: