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14 Mar 14,, 00:14
Yesterday on Facebook, I checked out the "late breaking story" of a friend who had a habit of putting out stories that were months old and YEP, that one was the same. Only it wasn't just some story of people doing horrendous things to children but rather a BOLO to spread around the Net. A BOLO that had already been said and done.

So I publicly criticized them about their habit of not checking the dates of their reports and in 5 minutes, I was defriended.

I'm expecting my friends numbers to drop by one quite soon because I offered a counter opinion to an emotional activism subject. IE, it's their country, we should not demand through non diplomatic channels that they take certain actions in their internal affairs.

I don't know but it seems on the NET, people are not open to hearing an alternate opinion to their own.

And the oddest part about all of this is that they seem like the kind of people who would agree with the following..................

(Commercial on Lifetime a few years ago)

...........woman on stage walks up to the microphone and says, "I am not a bitch......I just don't agree.".

14 Mar 14,, 01:24
The net has allowed people to connect to those who agree with them, even when there are only 3 of them and thus gives the impression of consensus and support for nearly any position. Instead of opening peoples minds, I think it encourages them to dig their feet in more when maybe they might have been better served re-examining their original positions.