View Full Version : The Korean War marine who single handedly drove back a Chinese assault

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impressive as hell, although i'm surprised the chinese fell for his rather heavily accented mandarin...:biggrin:

moreover i'm sure there were plenty of harrowing moments for Lt Li even from his own side. it'd take one twitchy private thinking "infiltrator!" and there'd be a nasty "friendly" fire incident.

06 Mar 14,, 16:21
A cool dude , in the UK we honour a similar achievement by those small very big MEN

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Officer of Engineers
06 Mar 14,, 16:47
Major Kurt Chew-een Lee, Asian-American Marines trailblazer dies at 88 - CNN.com (http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/06/us/major-lee-marines/)

God Bless, Sir.

Albany Rifles
07 Mar 14,, 21:07
Navy Cross, Silver Star, Marine Commendation Medal for Valor, 2 Purple Hearts, 3 Presidential Unit Citations, 3 campaigns in Korea and 3 campaigns in Viet Nam.

HUGE brass ones.

I hope his case is one fo the ones being reconsidered for upgrade to Medal of Honor.

RIP, Sir.

You were a hell of a Marine.