View Full Version : Late Night TV infatuation

28 Feb 14,, 10:08
I think I am going to add the Spanish television's late night movie to my recording schedule.

I can only understand perhaps 1-5% (at best) of what they say but after 3-4 passes of this or that movie (it seems like they have a collection of those made from '65-'82 they just repeatedly show), I've rather fallen in love with them.

I have the Spanish channels on the big screens here at work (Network Operations, like a small mission control) because while they light up a rather dark place, since I don't know what they are about, they aren't distracting from work.

Well, sort of, given that I am rather falling "in love" with them from repeated exposure.

About using them, the shows, for lights in the room. That's something I guess is a difference between a steady graveyard worker and day people. A lot of the people who work here like to have the room dark with half the lights turned off. Not me, that's too depressing! So I have the lights full on. But since my boss is one of those lights off people, almost all of the working light banks only have 2 of the 3 bulbs in them (one is fully loaded) and two, including one directly over my head, are totally out. So I take what light I can get, wherever it comes from.

I am almost ready to order tonight's flick, "Elena Y Raquel" from Amazon. It's out there, not too expensive, and I might.....but I have to constantly remind myself that I am probably reacting more to factors around watching the movie (lonely midshift) than the actual movie. And, of course, I don't understand Spanish, but that can always change over time.

Though, there is another possibility to why these movies are drawing me in. They are from a time when I thought being grown up would be, well, something other than it is now. That's probably a whole different discussion and there are various rights things or wrong in that one.

Anyhow, since most of these movies were either drama, comedy, or action, there are hardly any grand special effects and the movies seem better made than what is around now.....even if they were made in Mexico.

BUT......"Tape them, Tamara! ............................... that way, when you learn what they are actually saying, you won't be poorer having your fantasies upset to what you thought it was about."!