View Full Version : Attn any career ff, call or volunteer ff, police out there in WAB-land

21 Feb 14,, 21:17
I know from reading various posts that there are a few of us out there. There is a 7 yo boy in Pascoag, RI who has Leukemia and is requesting birthday cards from firefighters, police and other first responders.

Mother of boy with cancer seeks cards from his heroes | Local News - WCVB Home (http://www.wcvb.com/news/mother-of-boy-with-cancer-seeks-cards-from-his-heroes/24526290)

If anyone has an interest, his mailing address is listed in the news article and they have a website too: tyler's troops by Rachel Seddon-Dunn - GoFundMe (http://www.gofundme.com/TylersTroops)
It always amazes me when someone this young is faced with life threatening illness or injuries and is asked what they would like, instead of saying "to meet justin bieber" or Mickey Mouse or some celebrity or another, they answer "cards from firemen, police officers, first responders." At his age with his medical problems he has probably seen too many first responders, but still sees them as heroes.

Well, there it is- just thought I would put it out there for interested parties, not sure if this is the proper forum or not, but it didn't seem to fit in international politics or naval warfare. :hug:

21 Feb 14,, 21:44
That boy is just as brave as, and in some cases braver than, the first responders. I wish him the best of luck and the best of health.

20 Oct 14,, 05:33
Don, I just saw this post and don't know how I missed it! If that is the same boy in RI that I saw on the news recently, it looks like he got his wish and "then some"!
Back in the 80's, in an earlier incarnation when I carried a bage and a gun (I still have the gun), we had a young guy that had a chronic illness that once in a while got a chance to ride in the cruiser! Made his day and it made ours! What really made his day was when the chief handed him a badge and swore him in as a "junior officer".
I am embarresed to say that I have no idea how he ever made out. :confused: