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Gun Grape
09 Feb 14,, 00:13
After seeing that Stitch is still working on a 4 year old panzer build, a figured no one wold complain about my slow builds.

This is the Revell kit. Not sure where I'm going to end up with this one. There is no aftermarket stuff made for this model.

Pics in a little bit.

Gun Grape
09 Feb 14,, 01:00
Had some problems up loading pics. This is how far I got today


The hull ready to put together

a bit of the detail. Not bad for 1/144

Gun Grape
09 Feb 14,, 01:08
Things were going good. Hull fit was above average. Thats when I decided that I would do a waterline dio.

Took the hull, before gluing the deck on, down to the band saw. Cut the boat at the waterline. All going well until the blade caught on the aft torpedo tube. Its a small hard plastic piece. If I had been thinking I wouldn't have glued it to the hull.

Anyway, Here is what happened. And preliminary filling of the cavity with DAS putty. I will fix it with Tamaya white putty after rough shaping the DAS.


09 Feb 14,, 01:08
Does it include Kriegsmarine's flag?

Gun Grape
09 Feb 14,, 01:15
No it doesn't. Its from Revell of Germany and they cannot, by German law, include that evil symbol:frown:

On the negative side, I have found companies that make Kriegsmarine flags in 1/35, 1/72/ 1/350 and 1/700. But none in 1/144

09 Feb 14,, 01:28
No it doesn't. Its from Revell of Germany and they cannot, by German law, include that evil symbol:frown:
I know Revell are German company, that's why I asked. In stores around here and on few airports I never saw their models on German WW2 equipment.

On the negative side, I have found companies that make Kriegsmarine flags in 1/35, 1/72/ 1/350 and 1/700. But none in 1/144
If you really feel like you want it on the sub, you can make it. On a second thought, if my calculations are right it would be a size of post mark in 144 scale.

Gun Grape
24 Feb 14,, 05:21
An update. Been a bit busy lately but got some modeling in today.

Got the hull painted. Its a late war boat so I went with a dark scheme. U-318 with the 14th Flotilla stationed in Narvik, Norway. (the instructions say 13th but thats wrong)

Below the waterline and the dive tanks are Tamiya XF-63 German Grey.
The Deck is Vallejo Model Color 70.862 Black Grey
And the hull above the waterline is Vallejo Model color 70.992 Neutral Grey.
Vent holes were colored in with a extra fine black Sharpie

All done with a brush. Its been raining all day and acrylic paint doesn't shoot well through a air brush in high humidity:frown:

The vallejo colors go on smooth and cover well. The Tamiya not so good. Its alcohol based.

First pic the colors. Wasn't being real careful. Being a waterline model there is a lot of painting left to do. I'm sure there will be more than a few touch ups to the hull after the water colors go on. Just wanted to get a good base and a cote of Future on her.

Next I cut out a piece of 1/2in plexiglass for the base and mounted the model to it. I had some scraps laying around. No pic of that.

Next step was to apply a layer of DAS model clay for my water. While the clay was still wet I used some aluminum foil to texture it. Roughing in so to speak.

Used a large brush and water to tone it down a bit

Once its dry I'll go back and make a few waves


Not a bad days work, I think.

Gun Grape
08 Mar 14,, 18:49
The part I hate most. Painting the water.

After the DAS clay was dry I gave the base a coat of Black acrylic paint and used some Gel Medium to start building up the wake and waves. That took a few days to dry

Today I started painting the water. First some titanium white around the hull. Then used ultramarine blue for the outer edges. And then started blending. After it dries we will see how it turned out.
I know it will take a few times before I'm satisfied. Then do some highlights ect

Here is how it looks wet

Gun Grape
11 Jul 14,, 05:24
Hey, 4 months. I forgot about this thread.

The boat was easy. Not great detail but lots of potential for anyone that wants to detail her. That person wasn't me.

I played around with the water for a couple of weekends until I was almost satisfied.
Lesson Learned: Gun Grape will do full hull models only from this point on.

I got 2, 1/350 scale Fletchers in the mail and SWSBO says I shouldn't start a new model till after I finish the one thats been cluttering (her word) my desk for the last couple of months.

So, time to clear the slipway

Just need to hit it with some gloss coat and call her done. Or Him done??? I think the German Navy refers to their ships in the masculine tense.

Now for the obligatory pictures.


Gun Grape
11 Jul 14,, 05:26
last ones



The final gloss coat will even out all the paint touchups

And it only took me months instead of years :biggrin:

11 Jul 14,, 08:56
I see you got all the angles right :Dancing-Banana:

As for SWSBO, ask her if she buys new shoes only after she wont wear the last ones she bought. :scared: