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28 Jan 14,, 21:34
From the Skimm: (http://theskimm.com/2014/01/27/skimm-for-january-28th-2/)

Are you ready for some SOTU?!

THE STORY: Tonight President Obama’s going to tell us what’s on his mind. For about an hour. It’s time for his fifth State of the Union address.

SO WHAT IS ON HIS MIND? A lot. He’s had to make do with a Congress that’s about as fun to deal with as your accountant (remember the shutdown?) and approval ratings that show the public may have lost that Obama lovin’ feelin’. The clock is ticking on his stay in the White House. And he’s got a party that needs his help winning elections come November.

DETAILS PLEASE. The speech goes down tonight at 9PM ET. If you tune in late, you’ll miss all of the hugging as the president walks down the aisle. He’ll be flanked by his matron of honor VP Joe Biden and the in-law in orange, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

WHO’S GOING? Some of the administration, the Cabinet, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Supreme Court, the House, and the Senate. A few special guests were invited into the First Lady’s VIP seats, including survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing, a fire chief from an Oklahoma town that was wrecked by a tornado, and Jason Collins (the openly gay NBA player).

WHO’S NOT GOING? One lucky Cabinet member, who gets to stay back and survive in case actual hell breaks loose. This is supposed to comfort you.

CAN I DRINK? Yeah, there are a few words that could probably make for a fun drinking game.
* Something resembling ‘economic fairness’… as in the widening gap between rich and poor is about to become this year’s election issue, especially with a debate in Congress over extending benefits for people who have been unemployed for a while.
* Something like ‘executive action’… as in a nice way to say that Congress doesn’t get much done and nobody expects anything better at this point, especially not the president. So he’s going to see what he can do without their approval. Really awkward since he’s speaking in front of Congress. Hint: You’ll know this part’s arrived, when the applause stops.
* Immigration… as in Obama would like to see the system overhauled and is holding out hope he and the GOP could end up getting along on this one.
*Education, raising the minimum wage, developing the nation’s infrastructure, and the environment… as in they also have a good chance of being buzz words. Drink.
*Applause… as in do this with caution. DC junkies think it’s fun to count how many times the audience stands up and/or applauds by party lines. You don’t have to play.

IS THERE AN AFTER PARTY? Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) will speak for the GOP. She’s a high-ranking Republican. It’s not a coincidence that she’s a she.

theSKIMM: Some things didn’t quite go Obama’s way last year (cough — Syria, HealthCare.gov, gun control laws — cough). This is his chance to try to change the convo for the year ahead, especially with the term ‘lame duck’ creeping up.

I'm gonna be fast asleep when he gets up to speak, but I'll read about it all in the morning. I highly recommend turning the SOTU into a drinking game though, it should prove to be loads of fun. Even if you're depressed with the message, the messenger or the State of the Union, you'll be too hammered to care!