View Full Version : Insert Pictures Not Working

Builder 2010
18 Jan 14,, 16:04
For the 2nd day, I'm having difficulty getting the Insert Pictures function to work. At first the response is very slow then it stops all together. I'm getting a "page unresponsive" errors from Microsoft. What's going on? Is this from the site or from my laptop?

18 Jan 14,, 18:25

18 Jan 14,, 18:26
Fine for me too. Only thing I can think of is if there's a limit an individual can do?

18 Jan 14,, 21:18
Is it the same limit of 5 pics like for vids?

18 Jan 14,, 21:24
Can't remember I'm afraid. There was a limit for such things but no idea what it's currently set at

04 Dec 18,, 21:14
Insert pictures is not working for me either. When I push the insert picture button the entire page fads grey although I can still see it then I click on the picture and it appears to upload and once in a while a check mark will appear that indicitates success, however it is un successful. I have no idea how to correct the issue does anyone have any suggestions I have. I thought I uploaded to many images however same thing happens when I try to upload just one. never had the trouble before. can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thanks