View Full Version : 1/35 Panzerkampfwagen V Panther G

Gun Grape
01 Dec 13,, 22:16
Been in a model slump for a while.

So I was cruising the net when I came upon some different panthers.

I've got the Tamiya Panther G, that has been laying around since the early 90s. So I decided to make this a OOB Thanksgiving project.

Here are the pics that inspired me. Green base color, no unit markings, straight to the front.


Gun Grape
01 Dec 13,, 22:17
Here is my rendition. Have not decided if I want to weather it or not.


Builder 2010
20 Dec 13,, 04:02
Looks good! That's a wild camo! You should weather it a little bit, just enough to get it out of the "just built" stage.

20 Dec 13,, 17:55
The "G" is my favorite Panther, it got all of the "upgrades" they developed throughout the War (simplified/stronger superstructure, the Kinn for the mantlet, uprated engine, etc.).