View Full Version : 2013 World Series

28 Oct 13,, 04:57
Becoming quite a series. Amazing ending again. Pick-off at first with the tying run at the plate. Absoute no-no by an organization that's feasted for years on fundamental baseball, to include base-running. Wow.

Saw my first Red Sox-Card series in 1967. Lot of history in those two teams.

Albany Rifles
05 Nov 13,, 14:07
Well, that went pretty well!

Hadn't posted because I was on the road working.

For their 3rd World Series I watched them win from a hotel room. I have been TDY for the WS in 04 (FT Carson), 07(FT L. Wood) & 13. Bit this one was different....I was at FT Devens, Massachusetts fielding the Massachusetts Army National Guard....big party. Then was with family all weekend and now finally back home.

But everything little thing gonna be alright!

Blood, Sweat & Beards, Baby!!!