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09 Oct 13,, 09:48
As I build my video collection, I am willing to be cheap about it and buy VHS instead of DVD.

BUT......there are at least two features of the latter that I like, that might influence the decision.

The first is the ability to jump to any scene. Now as things go, that's a nice thing to have but it really doesn't make or break the buying decision because I have the machinery to, more often than not, make working copy DVD versions from tape.

But the other feature, the ability to pick the language, pick the subtitles, is a make or break decision, especially when it comes to foreign flicks.

My command of foreign languages would probably cause us to be at war were I to try to converse in them, so I am still learning, still trying. For one thing, when it comes to subtitles, not only are you not watching the movie when you are reading, but so often, it is hard to figure out who is saying what you are reading.

Still, I got a kick out of it the night I was channel surfing through the Spanish channels, there was an English movie, dubbed in Spanish, and a word or phrase was said in Arabic and I recognized it.

But I am watching a movie on Telemundo right now, don't have that much of a clue of what they are saying.....but it was so well done, one at least gets the gist. If I did know what they were saying, oh, such romance, such beauty, in understanding the finer points.

In any event, I have ordered the flick for my collection....in DVD. It will be in Spanish.....avec sous-titres Anglais.

09 Oct 13,, 23:19
You can make DVD copies faster and cheaper. Also, DVD wont eat the medium, VHS players will.

10 Oct 13,, 14:42
You can make DVD copies faster and cheaper. Also, DVD wont eat the medium, VHS players will.

It's an interesting equation that is not clear across the board.

Let's take the movie "Stagecoach" with John Wayne.

Off Amazon used as a DVD, non blu-ray, , it's $6.99 at the lowest. As a VHS, it's from 1 cent to a $1.25 at the lowest (I didn't go into the listings to see what quality level was reported).

Or say, "Point of no Return". DVD used starts at $1.40, VHS runs from 1 cent to 80 cents at the lowest.

In this market, it's not the cost of making that drives the price, IMHO, but rather, what the stocks are. VHS being the old, there is probably a lot out there in stocks that people are trying to get rid of and still try to make a profit.

Of course, it doesn't always go that way. "Die Another Day". Starting price at DVD used is 1 cent, both used and new. VHS: 20 cents used, $7.49 new.

SIGH! I shop around, I go for the best price, where it comes from (I don't buy from NY anymore), how much I want out of the movie. Being able to use all three media (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray), the world is very much open to me.

Made a killing a few years back when the local 1/2 Price was selling most of ST:TOS (by the way, the new remastered stuff makes me SICK and I won't watch it) in VHS 50 cents an episode. Now, they have all been working copied over, so I can go either way.