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11 Jul 13,, 02:27
Ask 1,000 people what the most influential movie of the last century is and you're bound to get a wide variety of answers.

The folks over at Arg! Team tried to identify what the most influential movie was by gathering Wikipedia stats, which collected each click and compiled them into a page rank. Their graph indicates how man links and mentions a film received on the entire Wikipedia site, which in turn measures how influential it is.

Here are top 5:

5. The Godfather
4. Titanic
3. Star Wars: Episode IV
2. The Wizard of Oz
1. Citizen Kane

A History of Film in Wikipedia | Arg! Team Blog (http://blog.argteam.com/coding/a-history-of-film-in-wikipedia/)

11 Jul 13,, 03:52
I'm on board with the Wizard Of Oz thing, it WAS a revolutionary movie (and, in many ways, still is), but I never saw Citizen Kane (even though I like Orson Welles pre-Gallo wine), so I can't comment on that.

11 Jul 13,, 09:20
Influential on whom? Influential how? If we are talking about influential on other film makers then only Citizen Kane rates from the top 5 on the list. No Goddard films? Nothing from Eisenstein? Kurosawa anybody? Hell, a Welles 'B' movie like 'Touch of Evil' was more influential in cinema terms than half the stuff up there (check out the tracking shot at the start). Also a distinct lack of Westerns - a genre that influenced well beyond its scope, and a lack of early gangster films. I love the Godfather, but it was working in a genre created by classics like Public Enemy. Oh, and no 'Gone With the Wind?', influential in many ways.

Methinks the methodology sucks a wee bit.

11 Jul 13,, 10:02
Well, I was thinking the same.

For instance, even if we accept the methodology, there are only English speaking movies. No mention on Battleship Potemkin, by some considered best ever made movie. How it can't be influential?

11 Jul 13,, 14:06
Citizen Kane sucked balls, didn't see Titanic, the other three are awesome

Albany Rifles
11 Jul 13,, 15:38
Animal House

Gun Grape
11 Jul 13,, 15:47
I'm on board with the Wizard Of Oz thing, it WAS a revolutionary movie (and, in many ways, still is), but I never saw Citizen Kane (even though I like Orson Welles pre-Gallo wine), so I can't comment on that.


31 Jul 13,, 04:03
Something wrong here. Where's Lebowski?

Utterly unsat.:mad:

31 Jul 13,, 04:40
The entire list is wrong, Highlander.... there can be only one.

09 Oct 13,, 09:58
Of the last century? That would be 1913 and beyond?

That's easy! It's "The Jazz Singer", the first talking movie.

And if we let the time scale slide to include the 20th century, then it's "The Great Train Robbery".

One has to appreciate what the change of presentation technology just did to society, how they perceived things. With "The Great Train Robbery", some people were actually scared because here was a view of people shooting at them that they had never seen before and to them, IT WAS REAL.

Adding sound and voice to flicks probably gave us the industry we know now (I don't have my film acting notes in front of me).

So probably what the original poster should have asked is "What's the most influential movie plot (or story) of the last century?".

09 Oct 13,, 16:05
I say Star Wars IV: A New Hope because it completely revolutionize the way we see movies. Ever that movie came out, the public now had higher expectations for cinematic effects, music score, and costume makeup, etc. The next movie is Terminator 2 with the use of CGI effects.

Samuels creek
02 Oct 14,, 12:46
Considering James Camerons role in the mars rover and the lead actors game changing stint as governor of California. (Remember both were unknowns when this cult classic was released). The most influential it is that movie that just keeps on killing every other scifi/ war movie, like its an unstoppable robot programmed with one thing in mind

He was being fair dinkum when he said 'I'll be back"