View Full Version : Photo Essay of Woodland Fire Fighters

Albany Rifles
03 Jul 13,, 19:38
In the wake of the hoorible deaths of19 woodland firefighters in Arizona this week, Esquire has posted a great photo essay of the life of firefighters on the fire line.

Arizona Fire - Esquire (http://www.esquire.com/the-men-and-women-who-fight-our-forest-fires#slide-17)

21 Jul 13,, 06:08
Beautiful and intense photographs, thanks for sharing. Thoughts go out to the numerous families dealing with the losses. I only wish the firefighters would be able to catch a break. Not long after this fire another broke out in my area. I hear there are over 3000 firefighters up in the mountains trying to contain it. It has been going since Monday and today they managed to get it to 25% containment. We are lucky to have so many volunteering their services.