View Full Version : Spyware Removal Programs

04 Oct 03,, 07:30
Are there any good ones out there on the internet which can be downloaded for free?

If not, what product do you recommend the most?

I use Kazaa and CNET download programs. How do I block those infernal pop up ads that come with these programs when I log on.

Also, how do I block the goddamn AIM porn messages? I tried setting my age to 10 but it didn't work. :flamemad

04 Oct 03,, 07:35
There's a simple little pop up killer called "POW" that's a free download.

It's also a very small download. Not loaded with many features, but it works.


You can get it there for free.

04 Oct 03,, 21:59
try spywareblaster for spywares
Use a good firewall.
and then use google bar to block annoying popups in IE.
If you have messenger popups disable messenger services in your computer.
Hope it helps.

05 Oct 03,, 21:25
man, those Kazza pop ups are so annoying, i get 3 everytime i log on my account

05 Oct 03,, 21:51
i dont think it's safe to use Kazaa these days. they'r indicting major uploaders, its about time they'r gonna get hold of dwwnlds.

Better use a hub like DC++ (Direct Connect). Its kinda safe for now.