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08 Jun 13,, 09:54
Roland Garros 2013 Ladies Singles Championship
Saturday, 8 June 8:00am US/Central (NBC)

Serena Williams (USA) [1] vs. Maria Sharapova (RUS) [2]

If Serena has her service game firing on all cylinders, she will claim the clay court title.

08 Jun 13,, 11:54
Serena can fire on half strength and would still win ;)

08 Jun 13,, 16:12
A respectable Championship match. Serena wins in straight sets 6/4 - 6/4

Maria - Not a high enough % on first serves. Far too many unforced errors.

Serena - At the top of her game. No one can match her sheer athleticism and brute velocity.

08 Jun 13,, 16:19
Roland Garros 2013 Mens Singles Championship
Sunday, 9 June 8:00am US/Central (NBC)

Rafael Nadal (ESP) [3] vs. David Ferrer (ESP) [4]

No one is better on clay than Nadal

08 Jun 13,, 22:44
Ferrer is good on clay, too. However, he haven't beat Nadal on clay for ~10 years ;)

I am looking forward to another boring final. Hope I am wrong.

09 Jun 13,, 16:01
I am looking forward to another boring final. Hope I am wrong.
A bit of excitement of a different sort.

Two bare-chested masked idiots caused a disturbance during the second set. One had a flaming flare and was wrestled into a niche by a security official. Nadal and Ferrer were a bit stunned.

I wonder how in hell they managed to get courtside ?

09 Jun 13,, 16:38
Nadal wins Roland Garros in straight sets: 6/3 - 6/2 - 6/3

He is the first to win one of the Grand Slam tournaments 8 times

I think it will be a long time, if ever, that we see someone more dominent on the clay court