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21 Apr 13,, 12:57
This i stole from f/b which would be funny if not true , Mr Pickles for those who dont know is morbidly obese .

The Naked Truth: Cameron:Is he the worst prime minister in British history

So another crazy as a box of frogs week at the houses of Parliament, or as I like to call it now '' Fawlty Towers on the Thames '' as even North Korea became concerned on just how unstable the British Government had become and Kim Jong Un offered to make an intervention on behalf of the UN.

On Friday Nick Clegg defended the Governments austerity and cuts policy and tried not to look to much like a right fu@king smug hypocrite after just returning from a luxury skiing holiday in an exclusive private resort in Switzerland, but he just could not quite pull it off, and ended up looking like a right fu@king smug hypocrite.

The Tories made yet another U turn on a policy !! their 40th U turn while in Government, which now make a U turn for every month they have been in power.

If the Tories made Sat Navs they would type in Scotland and end up in Cornwall !! which considering how the Scots feel about them could very well be for the best.

This time that giant of an intellect Ed Pickles was forced to do a U turn on relaxing the planning laws after it was pointed out that if somebody woke up one morning to find that their neighbour had built the Berlin wall complete with machine gun nests in their back garden during the night with out having the need to inform their neighbour first, feelings may get hurt and legal battles could begin, so Ed went back to the drawing board or should I say to the House of commons cafeteria for seconds on pudding..

Lets not forget that Ed Pickles has not had a good idea since booking a holiday with an all you can eat buffet as inclusive.

Yes this is the chubby politician who once had the cheek to say fat people should have their benefits cut if they do not exercise, this coming from a man who says he ''likes the odd sweet'' !! Yes Ed but most people do not eat a three piece one including the foot stool !

It was also another bad week for George Osborne, not that I can remember him actually having a good week since David Cameron decided that the cocaine snorting prostitute loving village idiot would make an excellent Chancellor of the exchequer.

This week the IMF told Osborne that when it came to his austerity plan for the British economy '' He was playing with fire '' A bit like when Michael Jackson was asked if that last can of hairspray was a good idea before filming that Pepsi Cola advert and 5 minuets later was asking '' Hey guys can you smell something burning '' before running around the stage looking like a lit swan vesta match.

David Cameron caused a stir in a TV interview on Tuesday when he claimed that '' We were all Thatchers children '' which I myself found that I could not really argue with, as she had fu@ked most of the country for over ten years !

Cameron has also vowed to keep on pushing for the gay marriage bill and said that ''he understands the gay community'' !!

Mmm Just because you danced to one Culture Club song in 1985 and watched ''The crying game'' on video does not make you the all knowing and all burning beacon for gay rights Dave.

The Tory supporting faithful had another 70.000 unemployed people to look down on and sneer at from their self righteous ivory towers as the high unemployment that comes with every Tory government can now no longer be hidden by cooking the books every 3 months.

David Cameron said that '' He is concerned '' as that is an awful lot of flat screen TVs and Sky sports channels that the DWP will have to fork out for with these latest set of scroungers laying around making the place look untidy.

With Tesco and Poundland fully stocked with free slave labour and with now only 1 job for every 5 unemployed it looks like the Government are going to have a bit of a situation on their hands soon, with more public sector workers to lose their jobs in the latest round of cuts coming to a place near you...very soon.

22 Apr 13,, 04:34
One poll in Kent has UKIP on 61%! This is Kent | Vote on the latest opinion polls today (http://www.thisiskent.co.uk/polls#axzz2R9xEiqxn)

22 Apr 13,, 11:43
UKIP are the fast becoming a mjr player , because N Farage has the balls to say it as it is and people are listening , camoron etc are running scared , local elections prove who the new kids on the block are . They will after rekindling my interest in UK politics instead of the usual shite n lies from the millionaire fkin public schoolboys , be getting my vote for sure . :hug:

22 Apr 13,, 11:45
Let's see how it unfolds if/when UKP gets in power.

It is easy to say what people want to hear when you are a minor opposition party, once in the mainstream, they (usually) sing different song.

22 Apr 13,, 11:54
Thats very true doc , you tube the guy when he is in full flow at the euro plmt , he's brill , n the other emp's hate him as he exposes their lies .

22 Apr 13,, 12:11
With camoron in charge ,,,we have no chance , with N Farage , we would .

500 business leaders tell David Cameron to negotiate a better deal with Europe - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10008978/500-business-leaders-tell-David-Cameron-to-negotiate-a-better-deal-with-Europe.html)

Im hoping a gr8 result is heading UKIPs way