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16 Apr 13,, 23:00
Who, here remembers Lumpy form Leave it to Beaver? Clearly a classic TV nickname that is hard to forget. He passed away a few days ago. I remember him as I grew up with the show.

Frank Bank, best known as (http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv-movies/frank-bank-leave-beaver-lumpy-rutherford-dies-71-article-1.1316359)

16 Apr 13,, 23:09
I remember Lumpy. Great show.

16 Apr 13,, 23:11
Clarence Rutherford, Fred's son - a friend of Eddy Haskill and Wally Cleaver. Clarence is in high school, he has a younger sister named Violet (who is in Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver's class), a cool convertible coupe and he isn't too bright. (I didn't even need to look this up, I love Leave it to Beaver, its still on Sunday "Classic" TV).