View Full Version : RIP Jonathan Winters

Albany Rifles
12 Apr 13,, 18:35

A brilliant talent.

I loved him in anything he did but especially The Russians Are Coming!

And he was a USMC vet who served as a gunner on an aircraft carrier.

12 Apr 13,, 19:29
I'll second that emotion. Very, very funny man and, you're right, The Russians Are Coming was simply hilarious. Sad news to read.

12 Apr 13,, 19:44

16 Apr 13,, 11:57
Many fond memories of the man, he will be missed.

16 Apr 13,, 13:25
I first "met" Jonathan Winters on TV when I was a young boy, he has helped me laugh many times since then. I will miss his presence among us- he was a wonderful man, RIP. I Salute his great life and numerous accomplishments, he was a great comedian and actor. Laughter is very precious, and we have lost some of this with his passing.