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11 Jan 13,, 07:31
My Picks

Saturday 1/12

AFC/CBS - Baltimore @ Denver

NFC/FOX - Green Bay @ San Francisco

Sunday 1/13

NFC/FOX - Seattle @ Atlanta

AFC/CBS - Houston @ New England

11 Jan 13,, 12:38
I don't care anymore. After the Giants totally tanked in the second half of the season, I couldn't care less who makes it to the Super Bowl. I'm so disappointed in them, you have no idea. How they can go from a Super Bowl championship team to a mockery of that same team in one year is beyond me.

Oh, and screw the Patriots. I'll root for anyone over them....

Zad Fnark
11 Jan 13,, 12:43
Packers all the way.

This needs to end with Seattle coming here.