View Full Version : What happened inTexas & Arkansas after Vicksburg?

Triple C
09 Jan 13,, 08:19
What happened, politically and strategically, in those states that were cut off by Union control of the Mississippi? Did they decide that any chance for any significant action on their part is foreclosed and they are therefore resigned to wait for the end? Did Texas and Arkansas tried to establish some kind of contact and send reinforcements to active fronts? Did they try to plan for a cohesive defense once Union forces have dealt with the eastern half of the Confederacy?

I know there's wikipedia. It's entry on Texas and Arkansas is also kind of sparse, and doesn't really go into the decision making process or the political atmosphere in those states.

09 Jan 13,, 09:16
Sorry Triple C. I'm fairly good with the western theater up to Vicksburg, but then I follow Grant east. Albany Rifles and others will undoubtedly be able to answer your OP questions.