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Gun Grape
03 Dec 12,, 03:06
Probably the best designed PT boat of WW2.

Its a cheap kit. Around $20. My reason for picking it up was to do the cool splotched camo jobs. Then I did a little research and found that the S-100s were only painted Grey.

Oh well. Not much spent. So no big deal.

The model goes together well. There are a few errors, such as wrong type of props. But a good weekend model. WEM makes a PE set for around $40-50. If I was going to go all out, I'd replace the guns. Plenty of 1/72 scale armor examples that are way better detailed. New props. Uses the same as a U-Boat and get the WEM and Eduard PE sets.

But the wife gives me "The look" when I start talking about spending $100-150 on a $20 kit. So this one is out of the box :biggrin:

The only thing I added was shoebox paper to cover the railing. The crews used tarps that way to keep the spray down. Bet that was important on those winter nights in the North Sea.
The WEM set duplicates it. I went cheap.

May buy a flag. Being a Revell of Germany model, they cannot include that evil Swastika. The flag looks stupid with the big white circle in the middle

First pic of what I wanted to do. But its a S-38 type boat Not a S-100 :frown:

What I built instead.

This is boat S-204 from the 4th Flotilla based in Den Helder Northern Holland in 1945


03 Dec 12,, 03:36
The only thing I added was shoebox paper to cover the railing. The crews used tarps that way to keep the spray down.

Clever! Is that a standard modeler's ersatz tarp?

03 Dec 12,, 04:55
This model makes me want to build one myself. I've got several ships waiting. I think a nice simple out of the box build would be possible for me in the next month or two. Love the "canvas" on the rails. Thanks.

Gun Grape
03 Dec 12,, 05:18
Clever! Is that a standard modeler's ersatz tarp?

Thats a "Wife came in with a new pair of shoes while GG was looking for tarp material" thing.

Gun Grape
03 Dec 12,, 05:20
Last set of pics.

Looking at the pics, I've got a bit of touchup to do on the paint job:biggrin:

23 Sep 13,, 17:54
GG - Just picked this model up myself last weekend, couldn't resist the $20 price tag, either. I had the earlier version of the S-100 without the Kalotte (armored bridge) years ago, but can't remember whatever happened to it; I think I still have some of the parts to it in my "spares" box.

Which colors did you use for the hull and the deck? I know the hull below the waterline is, basically, black, but I'm trying to get the right colors for the rest of the ship; the German Revell instructions are pretty vague.

Edit: Upon doing a little research, apparently the earlier kit I had was the Airfix kit from the late '70's-early '80's.

Gun Grape
28 Sep 13,, 17:16
Deck is Schlickgrau 58. Vertical surfaces were Schnellbootweiss. Below the waterline is Duckelgrau 53. Lifecolor has all three.

My colors are wrong. I used black below the waterline,Tamiya german grey for the decks and Model Master rattlecan Light sea grey for vertical.

I am getting the itch to do another one right though. Sprue Brothers have all Eduard PE on sale this weekend. I also saw the old Airfix S-38 on sale again.

28 Sep 13,, 19:13
One has to wonder how many models Gunny has. Finished that is.

30 Sep 13,, 22:38
One has to wonder how many models Gunny has. Finished that is.

Hey, don't make fun of us "model collectors"! Actually, I'm in the same boat (so to speak) as Gunny; I've probably got 150 unbuilt models in my "stash", and I'm only averaging (at best) one completed model every other month, so I've got approximately 25 years worth of models to build, not counting the ones I haven't even bought yet!

Gunny - I'm not too picky on my paint choices; I know the "official" color for the hull is Schnellbootweiss, nearest FS number is 36622, which is Model Master's Camouflage Grey, and the deck color is Schlickgrau 58, which is almost the same as FS36118 (it's actually closer to FS36134), so I'll probably be lazy and go with that.

The one I'm REALLY drooling over is the new Italeri Schnellboot S100, just wish I could afford it!

Italeri. 5603 - SCHNELLBOOT S-100 (PRM EDITION) (http://shop.italeri.com/Products/6469-5603-schnellboot-s-100-prm-edition.aspx)