View Full Version : Barrett 50 test (gun-haters, PUKE!)

04 Oct 03,, 00:44
I'll be posting here in the next few days (and at another board) as we put a 50BMG semi-auto through it's paces. Digital pics as allowed.

My thanks to my buddy "doc S......" for his allowing us to play with one of his toys.

Prepare to be envious....


04 Oct 03,, 04:18
Fill some 55 gal drums with water, and put em out at about 1000 yds.

Just like shooting beer cans at 25yds with a .22, you can really get the drums dancing. ;)

05 Oct 03,, 14:11
I'd really like to get the video digitized. You should see me empty a magazine from the hip as fast as I can pull the trigger, then falling down 'cause I'm laughing so hard.

06 Oct 03,, 18:08
*Tophatter turns a lovely shade of 'green with envy' *

06 Oct 03,, 18:10
Y'know Drez, employing a heavy sniper rifle in such a fashion is bordering on sacrelidge. ;)

06 Oct 03,, 18:29
What, you mean going rock n roll with a Barrett like that? :sniper :LOL

06 Oct 03,, 20:08
Originally posted by M21Sniper
Y'know Drez, employing a heavy sniper rifle in such a fashion is bordering on sacrelidge. ;)

Am I to be forgiven if I tell you we started out on Silhouette targets at 240 meters? (I know what he's going to say, but that is the length of the range.)

Forgive me if I tell you we ended the day putting every round from our .308's (Steyr Scout & Browning BLR) into it offhand, rapid fire, until I ran out of ammo.

How about if I show you the sample of 3/4 mild steel that we air-conditioned with APIT?

OK, how about if I post the pictures of my daughter (of 9mm fame) wearing her Speedo Bikini & holding the Barrett?
(Not in a million years! But, yes, we did get that on film.

:blush )

06 Oct 03,, 20:13
Awww...ummm....hey...yeah, that's a great idea. Your little pumpkin..Speedo...Barrett....hmmm....AW FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD, JUST POST THE PICTURE!! :blush

06 Oct 03,, 23:12
Post em all dude. We want to see them. I mean we REALLY want to see them!

240 meters is actually a good range to practice immediate incapacitation shots. Like the eye socket for instance.... ;)

06 Oct 03,, 23:14
OK, theres 2 votes for "Aye"

07 Oct 03,, 02:45
That's me. I wasn't a visible as the contrast in this pic makes me seem.

07 Oct 03,, 02:47
Care to argue with her?

The t-shirt says "girl power"

07 Oct 03,, 02:49
More soon...MUCH MORE. Speedo pics will be posted IF approved by her first. (Doc had to pay her to do them.)

07 Oct 03,, 02:58
Well, we got the girlie and the Barrett..but no Speedo. Whaaaaah! :cry

In all seriousness, I was thinking her approval would be good. After all, she might not want her...ahem, guns splashed all over the board for a bunch of firearms fanatics .
How old did you say she is? (Those poor boys won't know what hit them)

07 Oct 03,, 04:25
Just remind her it's for the entertainment of the troops.

We have a few active duty types that post here... ;)


07 Oct 03,, 15:21
Not for nothing, but what does her shirt say? "One Shot One Kill?"