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Tarek Morgen
03 Nov 12,, 12:17
As many of you are probably aware, there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes to keep WAB running than what you see. Aside from the Moderators who are all giving of their time to keep WAB spam-free, bot-free and civil, we are also always trying to optimize the WAB experience. Past improvements in that field include the banner you see at the top left of the screen as well as a dedicated Google search bar solely for WAB.

Another area we're beginning to work on is social media integration, namely Facebook and Twitter. We have enabled the "Facebook Connect" option available on the top of screen, towards the center from the right side. This allows users to connect to WAB using their Facebook accounts as well as link their Facebook accounts to their WAB accounts. If we can, we're also going to see if we have the option to enable registration and commenting using Facebook profiles. This will allow guests and new users easier access to WAB, and we hope will increase both membership numbers as well as posts and threads, as well as the range of topics being discussed and debated.

We have opened a Facebook page available here (http://www.facebook.com/WorldAffairsBoard), and will also be opening a Twitter account shortly, as soon as we can come up with a decent name (WorldAffairsBoard is two characters too long).

So what now? We are currently planning a couple other things which we hope to bring to fruition in the near future, but without getting a final idea of what it is we want and how exactly we're gonna go about reaching those goals, what exact steps we're gonna take (if we even have the technical ability), we can't get into too many specifics as of yet. However, we can say that we're hoping to see some pretty substantial changes in the future that will go a long way in truly making WAB the #1 geopolitical forum available on the internet, with the Google PageRank to prove it.

If you want to help, we're looking for people that are social-media savvy and are willing to give of their time to assume a staff position taking care of our Facebook page and Twitter account. If you're interested, feel free to drop a PM either to myself, Astralis or any of the Moderators.

03 Nov 12,, 18:44
So far two names have been suggested for the Twitter account:

1) VoiceOfWAB
2) VoiceOfTheWAB

Anybody else have any suggestions they'd like to make?

03 Nov 12,, 18:56

03 Nov 12,, 19:00

03 Nov 12,, 19:05

Not bad if you pluralize it. WABbits

How about WABtwits? Just kidding.

Tarek Morgen
03 Nov 12,, 19:13

03 Nov 12,, 19:46
I have an idea: we could gather suggestions until US election day, and then have a poll for a week.

03 Nov 12,, 20:29
The twits of WAB

04 Nov 12,, 01:18
What's next? 140 character posts?

Tarek Morgen
04 Nov 12,, 01:12
I have an idea: we could gather suggestions until US election day, and then have a poll for a week.

I like this idea and decide to use it and proclaim it as my own by the power invested by me by myself and my ego.

What's next? 140 character posts?

Don't worry, if you don't like social media & social plattforms (a position I can heartly relate to), no user will in shape or form be required or even called upon to use them, nor will they affect the day to day business of WAB much. All we do is give you the option to use them, if you are inclined so. If not, just ignore this thread and keep on going as usual and nothing will change for you.

04 Nov 12,, 08:46
The main purpose of Twitter will be to direct attention back to WAB, mainly by tweeting about high-value or high-interest threads.

Here's an example of a tweet one would send out. The link, a short teaser telling what the thread is about, and hashtags (#) which immediately make this tweet available to all those who are registered to follow or who are searching for that specific hashtag.

http://www.worldaffairsboard.com/middle-east-north-africa/63271-sudan-accusing-israel-bombing-arms-factory.html #Sudan claims #Israel bombed arms factory, Israel remains mum. What do you think happened? #Middle East #WAB #Discuss

Double Edge
04 Nov 12,, 11:17
That means a parallel discussion occurs in twitterspace.

One here and another there.

What do you do next ?

04 Nov 12,, 11:33
That means a parallel discussion occurs in twitterspace. One here and another there. What do you do next ?
Social media is a powerful tool. The lever here is the linkbacks... which hopefully will entice FaceBook & Twitter users to visit WAB and perhaps saddle up.

04 Nov 12,, 11:47
Like I said, the main purpose is to draw people over to WAB. Instead of having two debates, one here and one on Twitter, the Twitter account is used solely as an announcement tool. If someone tries to debate on Twitter, we just tell them to follow the link to WAB and respond there.

05 Nov 12,, 16:04

Albany Rifles
05 Nov 12,, 17:21
I have an idea: we could gather suggestions until US election day, and then have a poll for a week.

As a resident of a battleground state all I can say is, Ya Bastid, Ya!

05 Nov 12,, 17:26
I just checked, YaBastid is already taken...

09 Nov 12,, 11:28
bump - Will the suggested poll on the Twitter account be implemented ?

Tarek Morgen
09 Nov 12,, 11:39
It will be, as well as other changes, once I am doing a bit better healthwise.

08 Feb 13,, 01:33
I have a weird bug when I use Chrome - every time I load a WAB page, any page, even the home page, the FB connect widget takes me to FB, and because I registered on WAB with a different password than I have on fb, FB just tells me there was an error. So far this has only been happening if I open WAB with Google Chrome. Opera isn't affect and I haven't tried it in other browsers.
Social media integration is a good thing but being taken to FB every single time I go to WAB seems a bit of an overkill. (or could perhaps it be a ploy by google to make people hate fb and switch to google+)

08 Feb 13,, 01:38
Same here. And this is only in the last hour.