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04 Oct 12,, 23:53
Walking home earlier this evening with a friend of mine, foul, fearsome creatures of the night set upon us and proceeded to attack us mercilessly, neither yielding nor resisting until we succumbed to what was obviously their goal and desire and proceeded to play with them, thus earning our lives and our escapes. What a harrowing series of events!


04 Oct 12,, 23:54

04 Oct 12,, 23:55

04 Oct 12,, 23:56
Just a reminder that as much as politics, the elections, wars, the economy, our jobs and all the rest of our crap can get incredibly annoying and let us down, every so often there are these random moments of pure and sheer fun that can bring smiles to our faces. They made me smile (and I'm allergic to cats), I hope you guys smile as well. G'nite! :biggrin:

05 Oct 12,, 00:00
Should've taken them home. ;)

Edit: nvm... whose allergic to cats??

05 Oct 12,, 02:20
Should've taken them home. ;)

Edit: nvm... whose allergic to cats??

Dammit, I was wondering where the little buggers had got to. Have you still got your wallet and phone?

Gun Grape
05 Oct 12,, 02:26
Ok thats it. First the puny grill now playing with kittens.

[edit] On second look, its worse than I though. A Wizard of Oz reference on your shirt and a pink bag.:frown:

05 Oct 12,, 03:05
The Victorian government need look no further - looks like our mythical panthers are in Israel.

Hunt for big cats, including cougars, panthers or pumas, in Victoria begins after decades of reported sightings | News.com.au (http://www.news.com.au/national/hunt-for-big-cats-including-cougars-panthers-or-pumas-in-victoria-begins-after-decades-of-reported-sightings/story-fndo4cq1-1226455280709)