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22 Aug 12,, 04:36
Okay, against Yellowbelly's better judgement (and to get people to stop debating Star Trek vs. Star Wars on a Military Aviation thread!), I offer you this:

Which was the better Star Destroyer? The Venator-class Star Destroyer:


I say the Imperial Star Destroyer is more utilitarian and purposeful; you just KNOW a giant wedge heading toward you bristling with guns means business.


Place your votes!

22 Aug 12,, 05:12
I voted imperial but only because I think they look way cooler.

22 Aug 12,, 09:50
Imperial. Hands down.

And for the record, everything we're discussing is military aviation, it's just not current military aviation, it's futuristic.

22 Aug 12,, 14:14
The Imperial class SD has a heavier throw weight and much better sheilds. It can also operate for longer periods without support. However the older design has way more fighters, is faster in FTL travel (if shorter ranged) and still packs a hell of a punch. Overall 1 v 1 with normal complements of fighters the older design would win.

30 Aug 12,, 00:16
I'm really dissapointed in you, Stitch, for asking such a fanboy question.

You should know that it's not the platform but the clone flying it.

30 Aug 12,, 08:54
Imperial Destroyers were not manned by clones, they were manned by Imperial Navy forces. Look at the footage of all the troops on Imperial Destroyers, they're all different. In the Empire's time Stormtroopers were already trained instead of grown.

30 Aug 12,, 09:00
So do you have proof the Imperial Navy forces are not clones?

30 Aug 12,, 09:52
Well, to begin with, you can see that in the original trilogy all the characters are played by different people, even the lower-ranking troops in the Death Star detention center and the Endor shield facility as well as the controllers on the bridge of every single Imperial Star Destroyer you see.

Moreover, in the books, Kyp Durron used the Sun Crusher to destroy the Imperial Stormtrooper Academy in the Carida system while looking for his brother who was abducted and sent to become a Stormtrooper, proving that Stormtroopers were not grown anymore, but were trained

Now, in the new trilogy, the one actually involving clones, you can see that every single trooper is played by the same person, as all the clones were replicas of Jango Fett, regardless of whether they were Navy, Infantry, etc....

Big K
30 Aug 12,, 13:51
Venator-class Star Destroyer - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Venator-class_Star_Destroyer)

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_I-class_Star_Destroyer)

in my opinion (according SW Battlefront 1-2 experience :) ) ARC-170's (which is the bulk of Venator's fighter group) are no match for TIE Fighters.

in addition I-Class's have much more fire power&shields and driven by normal people not some dumb clones.

so i say Imperial wins...

30 Aug 12,, 16:28
It's not quite a fair comparison, is it? While the Imperator class (IMP-1s, II's, etc) were in a sense successors to the Venator class, they don't fill identical roles. Venators seemed to have served as the primary capital ship combatant, fighter carrier and all-around multirole platform for the Republic Navy. However, the Imperial Navy specialized ships such that Imperators were designed predominantly for capital ship combat. Certainly, it could carry a respectable complement of fighters into combat, but in a large-scale fleet engagement, this would be heavily supplemented by fighter squadrons based on escort carriers.

30 Aug 12,, 19:00
Oh jesus, not another walk through Nerd Boulevard in the city of Geekdom.

All I wanted to do was build up a general consensus that Stitch is a fanboy...and you guys are messing it up. :mad:

30 Aug 12,, 19:26
He may be a fanboy, but his opinion is also the correct one

30 Aug 12,, 20:23
He may be a fanboy, but his opinion is also the correct one

There you go.

OK, so over the last two days we've learned that tankie thinks UK laws are a joke, that bonehead doesn't know the difference between Florida and California and that Stitch is a fanboy.

Works for me.

Any dissenters?