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13 Jul 12,, 04:42
U.S. Army combat dive school... one of the toughest courses offered. He is a Senior in ROTC at Texas Christian University TX (Go Frogs!), and to even be selected was an honor. I told him "If you wash out, or quit, don't bother coming home!" :biggrin:

The course is quite intense, and includes combat dive operations to include the Draeger rebreather, beach attack, and helo/parachute insertion.


We were told by the instructors, "We cannot inflict pain, it is harassment." My wife, former Capt. Linda, USAF, promptly stepped forward, and administered blood with a healthy slap on the coveted badge.



"The Boy", and Lt Sister, the Afghanistan tour girl, with her husband, also USA Lt....


Diving the U.S.S. Vandenburg...


I tell my son, "I could still kick your ass" despite his 6'5" stature and tree trunk legs. It's true, I am more buff than him. It's the mental aspect of it. Dad will always be a towering figure of power and authority. :biggrin:

Officer of Engineers
13 Jul 12,, 05:33
What a freaking wimp. I remembered when I got my jump badge. We smiled and not utter a sound, ESPECIALLY WHEN WOMEN WERE AROUND. And the pin went straight into the chest.

13 Jul 12,, 10:45
Congrats, and good showing by your boy. I remember when I finished my advanced training and earned my tanker's pin my TC didn't smack the pin into my chest. He punched it in. TC's would usually compete who could draw the most blood. Of course, seeing as how your family and friends are all there, you can't even make a sound or bat an eyelash as the chest pocket on your dress uniform starts to turn red.

dave lukins
13 Jul 12,, 11:41
I assume not to get his butt kicked by dad he passed the course with flying colours. Sons will always try to better their dads...it never happens:biggrin:

13 Jul 12,, 15:08
I assume not to get his butt kicked by dad he passed the course with flying colours. Sons will always try to better their dads...it never happens:biggrin:

When we horse around in play combat, I look in his eye and say "You will never defeat me, because in your mind, you are still a little kid, and I will always be Dad." The reality, of course, is different. He is turning into a physical freak of nature. The kid is ripped. Makes me feel old.

Blood Wings of any sort are going away, apparently, in parts of the U.S. military. The instructors cannot do it even if asked. This particular ceremony pictured was done earlier than the group graduation... they had to get him out of there early because he had to immediately depart for more training, so it was nice that he got his congratulations from those instructors present.

01 Oct 12,, 00:52

My heartfelt congrats to the young paduwan for a studly performance. I'm sure he'll prove a superb U.S. Army officer. His sister, afterall, already leads the way.

30 May 13,, 15:40
TY, but it's all his hard work.

My son graduates this fall after doing a summer internship necessary for his degree, and will attend Infantry school later, as well as the Ranger course.

I did not know this - the Infantry billet among ROTC graduates is one of the most coveted, and it is quite competitive to get in. I tried to press him into Aviation, but he never showed any interest. He's always wanted to be a trigger-puller of some sort.

Albany Rifles
30 May 13,, 16:13

I remember my first set of blood was a blood Expert Infantryman's Badge I earned at the end of Infantry Officers' Basic Course....followed up 3 weeks later getting my jump wings pounded into my chest in the exact same spot while standing onFryar Drop Zone....and kept my mouth shut because I was the stick leader for 22 female West Point and ROTC cadets (stuck out like a sore thumb with that stick and a roster number of A101!)

And glad to see, Chogy, the ramping up of standards for Infantry officers. back in my day it was basically could you fog a mirror!

30 May 13,, 16:30
Hon Chogy

Many congratulations Sir. Best of luck to your son, i know he will prove himself to be an exceptional officer. Hope everything is good at your side.