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18 Jun 12,, 23:48
On Thursday I've got to submit a pro-seminar paper for one of my courses in English. I'm also submitting the paper to a university competition for pro-seminar papers. I've been working on this pretty much all semester, and I went over it with my adviser at least 5 or 6 times outside of class meetings. Frankly, I hated the book, Henry James' Turn of the Screw, but that's what we were doing, and that's what I had to write on. I decided to take a very different look than one that would usually be offered in the Humanities, and I hope it shows in the writing of the paper itself.

I'd appreciate it if you guys could take a look and read it over (if you're interested and have the time). It's only 10 pages (double-spaced :biggrin: ) and hopefully should go by quickly. I'm done tinkering with it and won't be making any changes, but I still would appreciate any criticism you guys can offer, i'll be able to put it to use for one of the 12 other finals or papers I've got in the upcoming month.

Cheers, guys!

19 Jun 12,, 04:27
You chose an interesting thesis in examining the governess' motives and did a credible job backing up your conclusions.

From the POV of substance, I can offer no critique, and expect you will get a good grade.

From the POV of composition and editing, I would suggest you take a look at punctuation or get someone who can write well and has fresh eyes to do it. A few more theme sentences would help with flow. I saw a few "errors", such as a noun used as an adjective and here and there an awkward sentence. Your explanation of the the MAD theory seemed slightly redundant to me, but I might be wrong.

But here's the thing. The paper is coherent and your case is well developed. You may have cut new ground for the big critics to consider.

Good job.

26 Jul 12,, 20:14
I got a 90 on the paper and a 90 for the course. I haven't gotten the paper itself back yet, only the grade, so I don't know why I lost points. My paper didn't win the competition, but I didn't think it would, it was way too revolutionary for a staid and proper English Department to actually give an award to. Considering I tried to avoid an actual narrative analysis of the text, I can live with a 90. Oh, well...