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04 Jun 12,, 11:13
I read books like 'On China', for the pleasure purpose. So, the book 'Power Reading', by Mr Rick Ostrov, does not apply to such books.
I have just read a few pages, of the book, and the book says so much between the lines. For example, is there a connection between the extreme violence in the history of China, and the continuing of the wisdom of Confucius, after it was established? Also, there was an idea of civilization, attributed to the Chinese view, which I very strangely, cannot remember at all. Being an Indian, I want China to regard India, as it regards herself, and I want India to reciprocate. Why? Why not? China may compete with the United States, and Europe, but I see no economic competition between India, and China. This is because, what India produces, so does China, and they are neighbors, next door to each other. The trading partners of the two nations are some distance in nautical, and air miles. How, do India and China, have differences in trade relations, when their trading partners are so far away, and they live side by side?
What exactly is the purpose of China's economy, and trade practices? The other nations note, that China is taking the major proportion of the raw materials in the world, for manufacturing. In a balanced trade scenario, for the world, the trading partners must be able to trade on equal terms, or trade relations are short term. If China sells automobiles internationally, the nation who buys her automobiles, must be able to afford fuel. China cannot buy all fuel, and sell automobiles around the world. Ultimately, the factories will be a problem. I must add to this post, later.

18 Jun 13,, 20:21
China has always been a bit of a ruthless country. Take a look at their work in Tibet. They are actually phasing out several languages because they want everyone to speak Mandarin. They have also take over control of Tibet and won't let them practice their religion, live the way they want to or speak their native language. They are pushing young Tibetans out of jobs so that Chinese youth can have the jobs. They also are draining their resources. Confucius probably had a lot of wisdom because he saw a lot of wrong going on. If her were alive today I'm sure he would be in jail.

19 Jun 13,, 02:48
Dr Kissinger's book is about Henry the K.
If he wasn't there, it doesn't get a look in.
One example: Sino-Vietnam War.

19 Jun 13,, 12:34
Dr Kissinger's book is about Henry the K.
If he wasn't there, it doesn't get a look in.
One example: Sino-Vietnam War.

Everything Henry the K says or does is about Henry the K. Always has been. Always will be. Anyone who ever made the mistake of thinking otherwise just weren't payin' attention too close. In a civilized world he would be slowly dying in a small concrete room.