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11 Jun 05,, 07:49
Russia to test PAK-FA in 2007 (http://srirangan.net/india-defence/node/277)


KUBINKA, Moscow Region, June 8 (Itar-Tass) -- The development of the fifth generation fighter proceeds in strict compliance with the schedule and the plane will be flight-tested in 2007, the commander-in-chief of the Air Force, Vladimir Mikhailov has said.

About the condition of the Russian Air Force’s fleet of aircraft Mikhailov said, “the Air Force receives planes in sufficient numbers, there are aircraft at the reserve bases, too.”

“We are also receiving new planes, including Su-34 and Su-27SM, and others still being tested. There is nothing we can criticize these planes for.”

Russian presidential adviser Alexander Burutin told reporters that the Russian Air Force by 2012 will have up to 60 percent of new aviation technologies.

“A new armament program has been developed and we shall achieve this parameter by 2010-2012,” he said.

11 Jun 05,, 07:56
Any news about Indian participation?

Rani Lakshmibai
11 Jun 05,, 07:57
Cool! Finally some official word on the PAK-FA. And a lot of people thought it was cancelled.

Any independent confirmation on this by Indian papers?

11 Jun 05,, 08:01
Any news about Indian participation?
No details about anything. Just cryptic comments by the commander.

11 Jun 05,, 10:26
Good news .
Any mock-ups pics of the plane?

11 Jun 05,, 16:18
Does this plane have the same capabilities as the F-22?

11 Jun 05,, 16:40
Don't think jonny, but it should be more than a match to JSF.

11 Jun 05,, 16:57
I'd like to see this plane. It will be interesting to see what improvements in avionics the Russians can make, and whether they will be able to integrate effective stealth capabilities into the aircraft. Of course, you have to take everything the Russians say about their stuff with a grain of salt, as they seem to overexaggerate their capabilities.