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06 May 12,, 10:28
Israeli rower sings national anthem a capella after winning gold medal

Newsletter Friday May 4, 2012

Israeli rower sings national anthem a capella after winning gold medal

Moran Samuel, who took home a gold medal at last month's international rowing competition for disabled athletes in Italy, moves audience when she decides to sing Israel's national anthem on her own after Italian organizers failed to prepare a recording.

Israel Hayom Staff


Gold-medal performance: Moran Samuel sings Israel's national anthem when there was no recording on hand. | Photo credit: Channel 2

Israeli rower Moran Samuel made her country proud when she won the gold medal at the Gavirate international rowing competition for disabled athletes in Italy last month. But she especially moved Israelis when she decided to spontaneously sing "Hatikvah," Israel's national anthem, at the awards event after organizers who did not expect an Israeli athlete to win failed to obtain a recording of the anthem.

When Samuel realized there would be no anthem played as she received her award on the podium, she asked for the microphone and simply began singing it herself, completely cool and collected and with a voice some say was also worthy of a gold medal.

In a video of the ceremony, Samuel was seen listening to what was supposed to be the Israeli anthem. When another anthem began to be played, she was seen shaking her head at the organizers and then the anthem stopped.


"I heard an anthem which was clearly not Israel's anthem. We were waiting, I looked at the other people in our team, let's do something," she told Channel 2 news after the ceremony.

"So I said, 'Ok give me the microphone then. I took the microphone. The crowd was silent, and I simply sang Hatikvah, myself, and it was very moving."

"If you look at an obstacle as an obstacle, there's a good chance it will knock you down," Samuel told Channel 2. "If you look at an obstacle as a challenge, then you'll do the maximum to overcome it. There can be small challenges, like the anthem and me taking the mic and singing, and there can be bigger challenges."