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07 Feb 12,, 15:28
'Ultimate Tazer Ball' Looks Like The Most Ridiculous Sport Ever (VIDEO) (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/02/06/ultimate-tazer-ball-sport-video_n_1256620.html)

Think 'Ultimate Tazer Ball' (http://www.utblive.com/) is a pretty silly name for a sport? Just wait till you you see it in action.

Based on an idea from Leif Kellenberger, this extreme sport involves eight players, a 24-inch ball, a 200 x 85 foot rectangular playing field and eight tasers. That's right, tasers.

If you take a look at their website, utblive.com, there's an extensive and detailed explanation of the rules, but the main thing is this: you can only tase people if you're holding the ball and in the special 'shock zone'.

Otherwise, it's a simple game of get-the-massive-ball-in-the-other-team's-goal - it just has that little bit of extra-added danger thanks to the chance of being attacked with an electroshock weapon.

Take a look at their trailer the sport above, and if you're incredibly excited about seeing the sport live, why not head to Thailand for 3 March to see their Bangkok match. It's going to be... shocking. Sorry, we couldn't resist.


07 Feb 12,, 22:48
Buncha wussies.

Have them play this outside when it rains and I might be interested....