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23 Jan 12,, 15:49

(15cm sIG33(Sf) auf Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf B)

150mm sIG 33 L/11.4 heavy infantry gun (mortar) carrier was built on the unmodified chassis of PzKpfw I Ausf B. The vehicle was operated by the crew of five and only three rounds of high-explosive ammunition were carried. Only 3 crewmen rode in the vehicle, while the other two along with more ammunition rode in a halftrack. Crew was protected only by a large box-shaped gun shield (made up of three 10mm plates), open at the top and rear. Only 38 were converted in January/February of 1940 by Alkett in Berlin. The gun and superstructure overloaded the chassis leading to poor mobility. The idea behind this vehicle was to provide infantry with direct and mobile fire support unit. Sturmpanzer I saw service in the West, Balkans and Russia with 701-706 sIG(Sf) Kompanien - Heavy Infantry Gun Companies (each had 6 vehicles), originally attached to Panzer Divisions and then Panzer Corps. Last of them were taken out from service (with 704 Company of 5th Panzer Division) in late 1943. It was the first of many self-propelled support vehicles produced during the war.

23 Jan 12,, 17:36
I always admired the ingenuity of the German designers of WWII when they would "kitbash" various armaments and armored chassis; the Bison looks a little top-heavy to me, but I suppose it still worked! My favorite was the Grille 17, or Geschutzwagon Tiger fur 17cm Kanone 72 (sf); only one prototype was even started, but it would've been a SERIOUS fire support weapon: it mounted a 170mm artillery piece on a (heavily) modified Tiger II chassis.

23 Jan 12,, 17:41
It was to heavy, they had problems with the suspension.