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20 Jan 12,, 02:51
Just caught the trailer for the latest Holywood teling of the story of the Tuskegee AIrmen. Looks good, but then the trailers always do. Thats kind of their purpose.

I wonder what distortions of the Historical Facts will be presented to us!!! Hipefuly not to many. The trailer showed a glimpse of what appeared to be ME262 mixing it up with the Red Tails. Which a quick gogle search tells me did in fact happen.

Im sure their will be plent to groan at however.



20 Jan 12,, 03:00
I plan on paying the highway robbery movie theater rates to see this movie.

Doesn't happen very often and the subject matter has to really interest me (The Avengers and Battleship are 2 others I can think of).

20 Jan 12,, 20:15
Hadnt even heard of "Battleship" but I agree thats gotta be a must see also. Looks like Battle LA at See !!!! And damn but Liam Neeson is churning out movies at teh minute!!!



20 Jan 12,, 20:31
Looks like Glory minus the all-star cast, set in WWII. I may go see it, but it doesn't look like anything groundbreaking.

Now, that rumored movie about the Flying Tigers that John Woo is supposed to be making...

20 Jan 12,, 20:37
After meeting a couple of the Airmen last year you can bet Im going to see it. They have a good book out called the Lonely Eagles.

To me, the cast looks good.