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07 Jan 12,, 04:30
Meth is a hell of a drug

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Thief drops stolen coin collection into Coinstar machine
By Eric Pfeiffer | The Sideshow 56 mins ago

Not an authorized rare coin dealer
Police in Oregon are searching for a suspect who allegedly stole a rare coin collection from his own father and traded it in for pennies on the dollar at a local coin-counting machine.

On Christmas day, Dan Johnson Jr. and two friends allegedly broke into a shed on his father's property, where the coin collection was stowed. The burglars also reportedly stole tools and two safes, which had approximately 50 to 60 pounds of silver and jewelry inside.

So what explains the colossal miscue? Authorities say that the simplest explanation is the most persuasive one. "The obvious answer is that the crooks were idiots," Dan Johnson Sr. told local affiliate Fox 12. "To not know the value of what they had taken, just to get pocket change for it. Just really a stupid person. Makes me feel good he was a stupid person and didn't realize what he had."

The thieves took the coin collection, worth several thousand dollars, and dropped it into a Coinstar machine, where they received $450. They were unsuccessful in their attempts to put the silver coins into the machine and eventually took those to a local bank.

"It was an inheritance, which made it even worse because I lost an inheritance that was meant to go forward for my children and grandchildren," Johnson said of the collection that his son had purloined.

However, Johnson is now working with the Multnomah County Sheriff's deputies to sift through the Coinstar machine looking for his collection. The bank is also returning the silver coins to Johnson.

Police have caught two of the suspects involved in the crime, both of whom they say are cooperating in the investigation.

07 Jan 12,, 04:52
It makes him feel good his son is a stupid person...okay...

07 Jan 12,, 09:33
It makes him feel good his son is a stupid person...okay...

Well he already knew that (he would be stupid too if not).

Guess he just feels good most of the coins will come back home and his son learned the value of it.

07 Jan 12,, 15:59
unfortunately the rare coins will be badly damaged by the bulk counting and handling mechanism of the machine. You don't take uncirculated coins, remove them from their holders, and dump them into a counting device.

dave lukins
07 Jan 12,, 22:34
Dad needs to amend his Will to a bag of used cents to teach his ungrateful greedy punk of a son a lesson. :mad:

07 Jan 12,, 23:16
I did something like this - when I was about 8 yrs old, my Dad had a paper cup of silver dimes, in the kitchen cupboard. I took some of them and bought candy. These weren't uncirculated coins in holders, they were well worn silver dimes (still in circulation at that time - the 1960's). They had been picked from vending machine income, my Grandmother had a string of coffee machines - she would let my Dad buy the silver coins from her at face value - in return he counted and sorted the bags of coins and deposited them for her. I still hear exaggerated versions of the story (I allegedly gave them away to the kids in the neighborhood) - the cup contained about 10$ face value - at the time they were probably worth around 15-20$. About half of the coins were gone when he noticed and removed them. This took place over a year long period of time - I would take around 50 cents from the cup at once - it did buy a lot of candy back then... :slap: It wasn't really my inheretance either, my Dad isn't leaving anything to his kids - his wife is about 10 yrs younger than he is and will need the remains of his eastate when he's gone (if there are any). He recently nailed my Great Grandfather's violin (130 years old) to a wall in his Hawaii condo - I had told him this was what he had that I wanted as my inheritence - he decided it would make a good wall decoration instead. The humidity there caused it to fall apart so only the back remained on the wall after a few months (I had told him this would happen, the back had split when he drove the nail through it anyway) - he then threw the pieces away and told me about it a few months later... His comment was the wood was cheap and brittle - the thing wasn't put together well - glued with some cheap glue that just fell apart... I am afraid he is senile - Alzheimers disease - lot of the things he does are spooky.... His new daughter - a Dog, is all he can talk about for that last few months - he keeps telling my sisters and I that the dog is his favorite kid - bragging about the dog's education and intellegence for hours at a time (on the phone), he also frequently brags about being as far away from us as is physically possible). I keep resisting the temptation to tell him my cat is like a father to me...