View Full Version : Jackie Evancho - 11 year old singer

04 Jan 12,, 16:26
Jackie Evancho is a schoolgirl from Pittsburgh, USA... and I heard her sing for the first time last night on a local TV station. The whole thing was surreal... I thought it was a joke.

Here's this little girl, 11 years old, with perfect pitch, an astonishing range, and the power of a grown woman. You'd swear you are watching a lip synch going on. What comes out of her mouth sounds like an experienced 30+ year old classical singer.


I am always in awe of young talent. There is something unnatural about it when you see little kids playing concert violin concertos, or singing as this child does. Mozart must have been the very same sort of prodigy when he was a child.

Enjoy! Even if you don't like this style of music, you have to acknowledge the brilliance. :tup:

05 Jan 12,, 07:39
"...you have to acknowledge the brilliance."

Indeed. Stunning. Hopefully this doesn't mark the high point in her singing career and she'll, instead, give us many more years of such brilliance.