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24 Dec 11,, 21:30
Well, Pari has already started a thread for people who hate Christmas music, so I thought I'd do one for Christmas music people love. Just three rules folks:

1) Nothing from a certain French/Canadian female singer (and NO, I'm not talking about Alanis Morrisette or Avril Lavigne ;)).

2) No 'Australian' Christmas 'carols'. I was tortured with these as a child & hate them to this day. If you really need your fill of '6 white boomers' or 'Three drovers' then start another thread (please!).

3) If possible can we avoid that bloody awful John Lennon song. Pari has already posted it, that should be enough.

Now, on to the Christmas music.

I'll cheerfully admit that most Christmas music falls flat with me. The religious message doesn't hit home & the overly earnest & sentimental tone doesn't work either. There are, however, exceptions. My favourite Christmas song is by English glam rockers slade. Not only is it fun & cheerful, but the clip shows one of the ugliest & worst dressed bands in human history. Who else but Noddy Holder could sport huge mutton chops while wearing a pikn coat over a red jumper. Pure class from some lads from up north.


24 Dec 11,, 21:39
Phil Spector produced one of the best Christmas albums ever. I'll post a few more later, but some teasers.



24 Dec 11,, 21:41
...and how can you go past the great Chuck Berry:


24 Dec 11,, 21:58
I kinda like Slayer on Christmas.

24 Dec 11,, 22:05
There can be only one


24 Dec 11,, 22:14
The Pogues get played non-stop here so actually thinking about Christmas causes this 1984-style thought re-wiring to happen:


Mariah Carey:


The Cranberries cover of "the Little Drummer Boy" (Dolores O'Riordan, good voice).


Enya's rendition of "Silent Night", as Gaeilge, "Oíche Chiúin":


Nollaig Shona, ciúin díobh go lear, agus tá súil agum go dtagann Dadí na Nollag chuig bhur bpáistí ar fad (A happy, silent Christmas to y'all, with the hopes that Santa comes to all yer kids!).