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21 Dec 11,, 17:53
very exciting.

New Hobbit trailer is released - RT Ten (http://www.rte.ie/ten/2011/1221/thehobbit.html)

21 Dec 11,, 19:19

At least it looks & sounds great. The LoTR trilogy went downhill from the great beginning, but maybe Jackson will be able to create something on par with the first one, I hope.

08 Jan 13,, 03:42
in the meanwhile, the CCCP edition

Хоббит / The Hobbit (СССР / USSR, 1985 г.)


here is one comment that I like

Piotr Jackssonin's The Hobbit is a farse made and endorsed by the bourgeoisie! There is only one true marxist-leninist interpretation of the story, one which can serve the educational needs of the working class and the soviet proletariat! Don't be fooled by the cinema-propaganda of the imperialistic international capitalism. This is the real Hobbit! The grandiosity of Mother Russia's cinematic capabilities!

25 Dec 15,, 05:50
Being a dedicated Tolkien fan, I actually suffered through watching the 1985 Russian product, "Хоббит." It was simultaneously not as bad as I expected and worse than I could have imagined. I s'pose I won't be adding this one to my collection even if a DVD is available.

25 Dec 15,, 06:29
How can there be another Hobbit film? Some of the stories from the Silmarrilion perhaps such as the Lay of Leithian, Release from Bondage or Turin Turambar but another Hobbit is madness as were the films frankly which Peter Jackson butchered.

25 Dec 15,, 07:49
"Хоббит" is not a new film. It's a film made in the Soviet Union in 1985. (I assume that xinhui's post, above, was clever, poignant sarcasm. You'll find a link to it on YouTube in his post.)

It sounds like you really need to read the Appendices at the end of Return of the King and perhaps Tolkien's published letters. The folks at Wingnut used the entire story, as written and embellished by J. R. R. Tolkien himself in later works, not just the children's story published in 1937. Tolkien actually wrote more words about the events in the tale of Bilbo Baggins in his later works than were in the original version of the story.