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08 Dec 11,, 05:42
Hello folks,

Just stumbled across the following article in an Indian newspaper which mentions an intelligence agency called 'MI17'. I read about India intelligence stuff a lot and have never heard of this.

Can anyone explain the conundrum that is Indian intelligence? What is MI17 and where does it fit in the 'big picture'? Some quality sources to find out more about the Indian intelligence apparatus would be much appreciated.

The Hindu : News / National : Indian Army blinded by controversial equipment (http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/article2696004.ece?homepage=true)


09 Dec 11,, 07:16
There ia no such agency. MI17 is the reference code for the vendor.

09 Dec 11,, 10:05

The article clearly says,

"MI17 the super-secret military intelligence department that analyses data provided by India's spy satellites relies on software provided by global software giants Intergraph, Oracle, and Bentley.

Rolta, an Indian company, supplied photogrammetry and geographical information system software licensed from these firms to the Army in 1996, integrating them into a single package to meet MI17's specific needs."

How could that be a 'reference code'?

09 Dec 11,, 16:13
I have heard of R&AW.

12 Dec 11,, 05:53
Well, then it must be some new MI outfit. Never heard of it.

Shweta Naik
12 Dec 11,, 06:22
MI17 is all about India defence..

12 Dec 11,, 17:21
MI17 is all about India defence..

Please Introduce yourself in the introduction thread.:)

12 Dec 11,, 20:23
No MI17, must be a reporters mis interpretation, its MI- Military Intelligence or IMI-Indian Military Intelligence. Similar agencies exists elsewhere around in military service.

25 Dec 11,, 02:58
I have heard of R&AW.

Yes fondly called Relatives and Wives Wing.