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06 Dec 11,, 00:56
poor girl but damn....

Fashion Magazine Editor Walks Into Plane Propeller | Fox News (http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/12/05/fashion-magazine-editor-walks-into-plane-propeller/?test=latestnews)

dave lukins
06 Dec 11,, 01:10
Dreadful. She is lucky she wasn't killed.

06 Dec 11,, 11:13
Brain injuries.. I am not sure if she was lucky..

06 Dec 11,, 15:03
Very sad.

06 Dec 11,, 16:45
This is all over the local news. Long-term recovery is going to be extremely challenging.

Part of the briefing as pilot in command of a small airplane like that is discussion of propeller dangers. And commonly, people remain seated until engine(s) are shut down. I'm guessing the pilot is going to share in the blame.

06 Dec 11,, 18:48
I remember flying with my father in a variety of small aircraft when I was younger, and I always remember him yelling "CLEAR!" out the (open) window before he engaged the starter; I don't know if that's still SOP when operating a small aircraft. I also remember we weren't allowed to open the door upon parking until AFTER the propeller(s) had stopped turning.