View Full Version : I am Damn Proud of my Alma Mater

Albany Rifles
23 Nov 11,, 20:02

This video is of the band at West (BY GOD) Virginia University playing at halftime of a football game on 12 NOV. It is a tribute to the Armed Forces of the US. The loud cheers for the Army and Air Force is because WVU has both an Army and Air Force ROTC porgram.

The is an excellent reason the band is called The Pride of West Virginia.

When I went there in the 70s we used to say our football team may suck but our band will kick your ass!

23 Nov 11,, 20:12
Hope the team got better during the years.

Nice show.

Albany Rifles
23 Nov 11,, 20:15
Hope the team got better during the years.

Nice show.

Much better!

Ranked 23 today!

23 Nov 11,, 20:34
Out of?

23 Nov 11,, 20:42

Albany Rifles
25 Nov 11,, 03:03
Yup. They are in the Top 25.

25 Nov 11,, 04:13
That was really cool. Cheers for that.

25 Nov 11,, 06:30
Awesome. I loved the sub submerging... Really is a kick as* band.

25 Nov 11,, 06:50
Well Done!!

Big fan of college marching bands so that was really enjoyable. Obviously the theme is a winner at WAB.;)