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14 Oct 11,, 02:13

New here.

Wanting to build 1:48 model of BB10

Trying to find good detail images and information regarding just about every aspect of the ships that could be viewed externally, from sea chest openings to search lights. Any help would be much appreciated.
I have been to Navsource and DANFS


14 Oct 11,, 02:49
Maine class: All three participated in the global circumnavigation cruise of the “Great White Fleet”.The Maine class was the first to use high velocity smokeless powder 12” guns, finally dispensing with the troublesome 13” guns. They were also the first to utilize submerged torpedo tubes, being 20 feet longer than the previous class ships. They were considerably faster than their predecessors, and were retained until after WWI. The class was influenced by the export battleship Retvizan which was built by William Cramp and Sons in Philadelphia for Russia and by the Potemkin. The last US battleships to use Harvey armor, which, though only in use for a decade, was already obsolete. They were good ships, and well liked by their operators.

Name USS Maine
Ships in Class 3
Displacement 12,500 tons
Laid down 02/15/1899
Type predreadnought
Launched 07/27/1901
Speed 18 knots
Commissioned 12/29/1902
Dimensions 393' 11" x 72' 3" x 26' 8"
Range 5660 mi @ 10 knots
Armament 4 12”/40 (2x2), 16 6”/50 (16x1), 6 3 “/50 (6x1), 8 x 3 Pdr guns (8x1), 6 x 1 Pdr (6x1), 3 x .0.30cal.MG (3x1), 2 18” submerged torpedo tubes
End of Life 05/15/20. scrap 1922
Armor Harvey: 12-16 1/2” Belt, 14" Turrets, 4-5.25 " Decks, 10" Conning Tower.
Complement 561
Machinery 2 vertical, Inverted, triple expansion engines, 2 screws
Horsepower 16000

USS Maine BB10: Laid down by Cramp, Philadelphia February 15 1899. Launched July 27 1901. Commissioned December 29 1902. Decommissioned August 31 1909, Recommissioned June 15 1911, Decommissioned May 15 1920. Stricken July 1 1921.Sold January 26 1922 and broken up for scrap.


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I believe this photo marked #NH48622 may be Maine ACR 1 instead of BB10.

The mast isnt right, main deck lockers, hatches, vents, lifelines, bridge, gun type and placement, boat stowage, armor and so on. Those look to be ratlines as well.


I love the drydock view of Ohio. It has good resolution and displays clearly the method of plating below waterline. As well the bow ornament gives a decent presentation. I have a low resolution photo that has been (I'm guessing photoshoped) that pales in comparison.
Thanks much for putting this up.

To view a decent photo taken from astern while BB10, 11 or 12 were in drydock would be great. Any photos taken close up showing hull details, photos/drawings depicting below waterline hatches, access panels etc.
will help as well.

I am aware these may well be the most difficult to come by, if even they yet exist. And any photos that do exist in reference to such may well be more difficult, if not impossible to authenticate.

The number of questions I have could be overwhelming. And though my main focus is currently replicating the hull faithfully, there is much I need to learn in order to make a successful build.


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I wanted to add this as well.

Its an example of how photos can be mislabeled by what are even reputable sources. The site I retrieved this from names the BB in the foreground as Ohio.
It is in fact Missouri. The evidence being the hawse pipe location and deck shape just ahead of the forward 6" gun.

I'm not sure this will display correctly as it is a high resolution image.


I once had an extensive collection of very high resolution photographs of ACR #3 USS Brooklyn retrieved from the library of congress website before they got wise, reduced the selection and made the 5000 x 8000 prints available only by purchase.
Point being two of the photos were not the Brooklyn. One was from the bridge looking aft on BB4, and I could never identify the ship in the second.
The part that made it all the more difficult,
The photos had been labeled incorrectly long before they became property of LoC. From the look it may well have been done at the time they were developed.

Anyway, thought you might enjoy this image.


14 Oct 11,, 13:15
Thanks, I haven't had a chance to scan anything yet - I have some Warship and other periodicals with some images I beleive - I agree a couple I posted were mislabeled - but most are the right ship - I'm sure you know which ones to look at - that bow on deck view is particular favorite of mine.