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05 Oct 11,, 21:33
New shows air on Wednesday nights at 9pm EST on Nat-Geo TV.

These guys are not only brilliant, they're funny. A Rocket Scientist, a PhD Physics, a Mechanical Engineer, and a straight-up genious all team up to do some pretty awesome stuff with materials they find in their own redneck world.

So far I've seen them:
Produce a bulletproof, walking, powered exoskeleton from plywood, fiberglass, and old automotive parts found in a junkyard.

Produce a working submarine from empty plastic fertilizer tanks and beer kegs (ok, the chemical O2 scrubbers nearly got them killed due to lack of proper testing/watertight integrity, but the Sub worked!)

Armor the underside of an old Ford truck to withstand the force of an IED explosion. (not sure what all they used in that one, but I saw a lot of beer cans.. truck survived the explosion without any schrapnel breaching the floor, then started and drove away afterward).

Develop, create and fly a prototype rocket fueled by moonshine and nitrous (altimiter said nearly 900 ft post flight).

Tonight's episode looks to be another winner. Think Mythbusters with a huge redneck comedy twist!


Gun Grape
12 Oct 11,, 02:18
Watched them the other night. Wife called them "Educated Idiots". I agreed.