View Full Version : England-India ODI series

05 Sep 11,, 21:00
India has pretty much been forced to field a second tier team after the English fast pacers tore the team apart. Winning the ODI series with a much depleted team would infuse much lost confidence after this series, though it'll have to be done by a lot of young chaps with very little international experience, as the seniors have been battered pretty badly.

Virender Sehwag: Yet to recover from surgery on shoulder and hearing problem in left ear. Played 2 Tests; hurt again and ruled out of ODI series.

Gautam Gambhir: Blurred vision & vomiting due to concussion. Needs long rest, doubtful for Champions League.

Harbhajan Singh: Stomach injury. Ruled out of ODI series.

Yuvraj Singh: Fractured finger. Ruled out of ODI series.

Zaheer Khan: Ankle injury followed hamstring trouble during the Test series. Underwent surgery on ankle.

Rohit Sharma: Fractured index finger of the right hand. Ruled out of ODI series.

Ishant Sharma: Injured left ankle. Will undergo surgery after Australia series. Will be out for six months after that.

Sachin Tendulkar: Injury on big toe. Ruled out of ODI series; doubtful for CL.

Team India just went from top dogs to underdogs.