View Full Version : Gunman killed after Estonian ministry shooting

12 Aug 11,, 07:46
A man fired shots and set off a smoke bomb at the Defence Ministry in Estonia's capital Tallinn and then was killed as police moved in, officials said on Thursday.

This is depressing. It looks like someone has been inspired by the events in Norway," he said, referring to the July 22 rampage and bombing by gunman Anders Breivik.

Gunman killed after Estonian ministry shooting | Reuters (http://uk.reuters.com/article/2011/08/11/uk-estonia-shooting-idUKTRE77A3AJ20110811)

the guy was member of United Left Party of Estonia, which is the rump left of former Communist Party, he also had a unsuccesful law business, became jobless, had no family,and lost his apartment to the bank.

at least he did not take many others with him. apparently in shooting one policeman got scratched ear and another has a bullet hole in his uniform, but was otherwise unharmed.

12 Aug 11,, 07:50
Pleased to hear nobody else was hurt.