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02 Aug 11,, 15:03
E-50 Standardpanzer

The E-50 Standardpanzer was intended as a standard medium tank, replacing the Panther and Tiger I and the conversions based on these tanks. The E-50 hull was to be longer than the Panther, in fact it was practically identical to the King Tiger in overall dimensions except for the glacis plate layout. Compared to these earlier designs however, the amount of drilling and machining involved in producing these 'standardpanzers' was reduced drastically, which would have made them quicker, easier and cheaper to produce, as would the proposed conical spring system, replacing their predecessors' complex and costly dual torsion bar system. As indicated by its name, the weight of the E-50 would fall between 50 and 75 tonnes. It's maximum speed was planned as 60 km/h.

02 Aug 11,, 20:38
Dude, awesome!!! I got my Panther in World of Tanks and now I'm waiting for the 6.6 patch so I can get the Panther II conversion along with a free Panther. Early testers say the E-50 is very capable in the game.

02 Aug 11,, 21:28
I also want the E-50 in WOT! ;)

Next up is E-75.

Gun Grape
03 Aug 11,, 01:38
Nice and clean build Nord.

Is that the trumpeter kit?

03 Aug 11,, 07:16
That`s correct. It was a pleasure to build. The only bad thing was the tracks, they couldn`t be used and had to be replaced.