View Full Version : USS New Jersey 1983 1/700 scale

Gun Grape
30 Jul 11,, 22:34
My first, and last, 1/700 scale ship. On sale when I picked up my 1/350 Mo. Couldn't pass up a $12.00 model

Built OOB. Wanted to experiment with water using a Florescent light diffuser. Not bad for 1/700 but I don't think it has a use in anything bigger.

The thing that gave me the most trouble were the MPF and Ships Crest decals.

I must have made 5-6 of each to get the 2 you see here.

Does anyone know if someone sells thinned decal paper that the Testors stuff?

Anyway here she is "Haze Grey and Underway". Once again no flags flying. The Trumpy ones disintegrated.

Gun Grape
30 Jul 11,, 22:36
More pics

30 Jul 11,, 22:42
Hard to believe they docked the real thing on the Willamette River in downtown Portland for Navy Week some years ago. Those were big, beautiful, deadly ships. Nice job Gunny.